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The was registered by Jamie Steven. For any query, you can be in touch with Jamie Steven at the email id You can also write mails to regarding your problems and queries.
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This domain was registered in Seattle City. It is located in WA, a State of US. The postal code of the registrant is 98101.
Further more, you can contact on phone number(s) : 1.2066323171 for any details.
The Fax Numbers are : 1.2069058507
Administrator Information :
You can contact the administrator Jamie Steven, at the email id This organization is situated in Seattle City, WA State, a State of US.

The postal code of the administrative is 98101.
For verbal conversation you can contact on Phone Number(s) : 1.2066323171
In addition, providing you the Fax Numbers : 1.2069058507.
Bot Report has accessed the's opening page at 07:23:37, UTC on 23, 17, 2013 before 425 days and 13:21:13.8240275 hours. This site was up at that time with response status OK at network speed 51.78 Mbit/s and size 26.3 KB. The total time in milliseconds taken by it to respond was 219.
Domain Period Niceties
  • If we consider the domain age of it comes out to be 8 years, 3 months, 15days, and 15 hours old.
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  • Ip Position of is
    The server of this website is located in United States having country code (US). It's region code is 53 with region name Washington. We have delved the web and came with angular distance of server location this website latitude as 47.6145 longitude as -122.348 GMT offset as -28800 and DST offset as 0. The Time Zone of server is united with America/Los_Angeles.

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  • Legend Sequence of is
    It has charset ISO-8859-1 with server name Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu). It has 0 number of cookies. The website is running on PHP/5.3.2-1ubuntu4.14 The content is valid upto date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 07:20:50 GMT. Its p3p policy is CP="NOI ADM DEV PSAi COM NAV OUR OTRo STP IND DEM" is having content type text/html with the protocol version 1.1. The subject matter was last tailored on 2/17/2013 12:53:35 PM
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The Contemporary Internet Protocol Address of is,
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Size and Response Time with Percentage Per State

DivisionSizePercentage TimePercentage
Script90.27 KB76.2%113 MS20.93%
HTML + Content + Inline CSS + inline JS 5.24 KB4.43%115 MS21.3%
CSS22.95 KB19.37%312 MS57.78%
Total118.46 KB100%540 MS100% Compression Detail is Compressed, gzipGraph
Original Size :17.06 KB
Compressed Size :5.24 KB
Savings in Bytes :11.82 KB
Percentage Saved by Compression : 69.27%

CSS Compression

NameIs CompressedResponse Time Original SizeCompressed Size Savings in Bytes Result
...f8b56b1afff039Yes Compressed, gzip312 MS106.86 KB22.95 KB83.91 KBpositive

JS Compression

NameIs CompressedResponse TimeOriginal SizeCompressed SizeSavings in BytesResult
...9ac7d16774c093 Yes Compressed, gzip 45 MS 10.67 KB 4.33 KB 6.33 KBpositive
...6993b1a6fcf62c Yes Compressed, gzip 68 MS 270.49 KB 85.94 KB 184.55 KBpositive

DNS Look ups

Some resources used by are found on other server or can be same server but in different directory with different IP, this increased DNS look up overhead and diminished the performance.
No. of CSS FilesResultLocation/Result
1Positive, The style is found in one CSS file. PlusCSS file(s) found within head tag of, right placement of CSS. Plus
No. of JS FilesResultLocation/Result
2Negative, The scripting in found in more than one JS file. All scripting should be in one file. MinusJS file(s) found within head tag of, wrong placement of JS Minus

Header Expiration - Caching

ComponentExpiration DateResult
...f8b56b1afff039Thursday, December 31, 2037 11:55:55 PMPlus
...9ac7d16774c093Thursday, December 31, 2037 11:55:55 PMPlus
...6993b1a6fcf62cThursday, December 31, 2037 11:55:55 PMPlus main page No Expiration Date/Not CachedMinus
The expiry Headers of each components of tells the browser that this component should be cached till its expiry date. if the expiry date of any component is less than the current date, the component is not cached on client machine and each time is downloaded from the server.

Leak or Lift?

KeyValue Result
Number of Cookies 0Minus
Site DesignDivPlus
Viewstate0 bytesPlus

Images Usage

For the better performance of, the images must be of low size, the image should not be scaled, the CSS images should be avoided, every image should have expiry date of future so that every time the image should not be downloaded from the server to the client machine. Not only it improves performance of a website but it also minimizes the usage of bandwidth of the website.
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